pred i respect your opinion, accept for this statement

"As long as the US governememnt is trying to control the world, i don't blame so called terrorists to attack the USA. This all has happend cause the USA has asked for it. As long as the USA governemt is trying to control the world, this shit will happen. the american people is even too stupid to see this."

thousands of men woman and children, hundreds of firefighters, peramedics and police. all dead, with thousands more around the world left mourning, family members, friends, lost all of the sudden. theres no way ayone can justify that. problems with the goverment?? sure, who doesnt have a problem with the way another goverment is run. but to try and say the united states goverment, or the united states deserved for this to happen? how ignorant can one be? but hey, its the internet, ones got the right to say what he thinks.
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