What Pred was saying about the US government taking advantage of it, I agree to a certain level. If we don't do too bad in this thing, Bush will get reelected I think. The Patriot Act, all those other laws making our privacy even less important than our security, they get passed now because of the attacks. Like everyone else here, I don't think killing innocent civilians is justifiable. I especially think it is stupid that we are killing innocent people over there too. I would think that when it happens to you, you would know how bad it is and not want it to happen to other people. But they justify it since they did it to us, or it is easier, or it works. I hate all war, starting it and fighting it, all of that bullshit. We get taught as kids not to use violence as a solution, but when you are an adult and it isn't your life you are risking, then war it up. Send a bunch of people you won't ever meet to kill/be killed by a bunch of other people you won't ever meet. So much death and pain and sadness, and it just keeps going.