I haven't been around much lately, but I must tell you I was pleased to see this post and pleased to see SilentRage's first post.

It is like this people, If you disagree with the U.S. governments actions in the middle east. I can understand that. If you are tired of the media jumping all over this... I understand that.(but you could turn off the TV) If you think Bin Laden is fighting a just cause.... I disagree, but I can understand how one might take a political stand backing certain speeches and movements.

However to bitch about honoring normal people who were HELPLESS victims in this. Mothers, fathers, wives, Husbands, Grandma's Grandpa, Kids,

FUCKING KIDS!!!! WTF did a kid ever do?

If you have a problem with letting people honor the loss of innocent life, well Fuck you. Suck my dick have a coke and a smile, and get the fuck away from me.

As SR said, it would be one thing if they were soldiers. Then yes you are fair game. You can except that. But if you are pissing and whining about people morning the loss of over 5,000 people you are simply an oxygen thief.

How would you feel at your mothers grave putting the flowers down on the ground with me standing over you saying, enough already, get over it. Don't like it... STFU! Turn your TV off. Let people grieve. It is human. Those who bitch are obviously kids and do not know the value of tradgedy.