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I have not forgotten to start... Money is coming

I don't think killing innocent civilians is justifiable. I especially think it is stupid that we are killing innocent people over there too. I would think that when it happens to you, you would know how bad it is and not want it to happen to other people. But they justify it since they did it to us, or it is easier, or it works.
What make you think we are killing inocent people over there? Here The target was civillan. What a cowardly target. We target millitary and political centers and operations. I know all about stradegy of war buddy. There is nothing gained in killing civillans. NOTHING. US knows this too.

Do me a favor go to you local Libray and checkout some movies on desert storm. Look for the soldiers feeding the Iraqie soldiers, and thier kids. Know why they gave up so easy? We treat our prisoners better than they treat thier service members.

We make sure they have food water, clean clothes, showers etc etc etc....

We also treat Childer Great in countries we deploy to. Why?

1.) It is in our culture to take care of the young and innocent. (No it isn't in all cultures)
2.) The U.S. learned in Vietnam that how you treat the kids might determin later if you have an ally or enemy. Treat the kids right, They grow up to be adults, Maybe powerful adults.

Bin Laden calls for the death of all infedels. That is you buddy. Basicaly Americans. Civillan, Political, millitary. All the same.
Sound like anyone in history?

Hittler called for the death of all Jews.