Bin Laden calls for the death of all infedels. That is you buddy. Basicaly Americans. Civillan, Political, millitary. All the same
infedels is anyone with beliefs different then theirs. They were beheading jahova's witnesses in the phillipines.
And its not all muslins, this guy is just an extremist nutcase. The problem is that he is in a position of power and influence like hitler was, which is extremely dangerous.

As far as innocents being killed I watch a special on PBS which was rather good all about what we did when our troops arrived in afganastan. How we teamed up with the northern alliance who had no orginaization followed them through the moutains to blow up little villages that doubled as military bases. When they attacked us they wanted to hurt our economy, they didnt care about civilians neither do we though. Im not saying I dont morn the people who were lost in the attack, I do. There isnt going to be a simple solution to this war like in wwII were we can just drop a bomb and everything will be over.