I realize that the "Tracphree" has been closed, and I agree it should be. Everyone was thinking way to deeply, as the answer may be right in front of us. In my eyes it isn't a matter of fooling the tracfone airtime pin database. Its a matter of fooling the timer on the phone you hold in your hand. Seeing as tracfone leases their towers from other cell companies (Cingular, US Cellular, etc.) they're not going to give all those companies access to their database. So tracfone has left the "Tracking" of the minutes up to the phone.

So the generator for the tracfone database is useless, and a waste of time. However I do believe the (once time has been taken to evaluate it) a generator for the 30 odd digit number they have you put into your phone when you redeem time, could work very well and very easily.

The only tuff part, will be finding all the numbers. theres where I need help. We need to find patterns in the number we put into the phone (not into tracfones website).

If anyone is interested, We will need a good 20-50 numbers per airtime card amount (30#s for 60minute card, 30#s for 120minute card, etc), and there is also the slight possibility that the number they give you is generated incorporating your "esn". If everybody could post old used end numbers (for the phone), esn they're registered for (don't give it if you're scared I'll clone you), and the model number for the phone it was used on. If you want to include the pin number, thats fine, I doubt it will be of any use, but then again it might.

If anybody see's any problems with this theory please point them out to me.

I have 4 tracfones 3unregistered. so all I need are the digits, to test my theory.

I set up this hotmail acct. for the receiving of the numbers. [email protected]

Thanks In advance.
[email protected]

post script: please excuse any grammatical/spelling errors I may have made, as it is 4:40am, and I have not slept for a good 40 hours.