Anyone have this nasty peices of malware/trojan? I can't kill it. I ran Lavasoft's ad-aware, spy bot search and destroy. And CWS shredder(an app made to kill it).

Someone with sucess in killing this evil evil evil program please advise me.

This thing has completely taken control of IE6.0. I can change the homepage but it just changes right back. The URL?


Now I have located the web page on my system. It is burried in these DLL's this progy creates. I have opened them in notepad and wiped them clean. Only to have the progy download an update and make that a worthless effort.

I have found some of the registry entries but no doubt there are more. I have found 8 in various hives and places.

I have read I will need to boot into DOS and find the deeply hidden files to wipe them out.

This freaking thing downloads it's own updates without my knowing. It is indepth.
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