hKzKnight has a point I am sure he has no idea what the hell you are talking about with beige, and orange boxes. SHOtime, either have a look at some info on building these boxes, and the How To, on the use of them. Or another approach, well first off, does the number that he see's u calling from have to be a specific number ?, if not use a calling card, cause it'll show up as a a different number, (A routing number for the calling card) or block the number. If it has to be a specific number, and depending whether u know the ppl who own that line, ask them if you can use there phone, or if you do not know them, you can always them, "Hi, my car broke down just outside ur house do you mind if I use ur phone to call a friend to help me" ppl seem to have the nature of helping others these days.
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