Thanks for the great response.

Yes it does have to be a specific number that I need have show up on their caller ID.

$950 piece of equipment!! I guess that idea won't work.

Asking to use the person's phone would be a bad idea. I really don't want to meet this person face to face.

Beige boxing seems pretty simple though. All I need is a phone and alligator clips. The problem is that I don't no if I can get into their phone box outside the house. My phone box has this weird screw; it is a hex screw that has a little peg sticking up right in the middle. I have no idea where to get a tool like that. Nor do I have a way to bore out a allen whench.

What about op diverting. I have read about it before. Any ideas on that?

Crime, if I told my plans I would have to be a idiot.

Thanks again