Beige boxing seems pretty simple though. All I need is a phone and alligator clips. The problem is that I don't no if I can get into their phone box outside the house. My phone box has this weird screw; it is a hex screw that has a little peg sticking up right in the middle. I have no idea where to get a tool like that. Nor do I have a way to bore out a allen whench.
There are two sides to the box, the right side is accessable with a flat tip screwdriver. It appears that it has one cover. The small, flat tip wcrew under the weird hex nut will open the cover to the whole box. Inside, on the right, is the jacks I am reffing and a closed inner box with another weird little hex on the left.

Inside contains 2 normal phone jacks that are wired to the in house wiring. (Most phone wire is 6 pair wire. It takes two of these wires for a phone to work.)

Usually, the top phone jack is the active jack. Unplug the jack that is in it, plug in any phone that does not need external power ($10 at wallyworld or ratshack).

Feel free to dial your favorite porn hotline.

These beige boxes will be on the outside of the house. I have never seen one inside since the phone company needs access to them (with exception of some of the older apartment buildings).

Don't forget to plug the house jack back in and enjoy messing with your ex-wifes head LOL.

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