my god you ppl drug up a old post lmao. yea giz lucky is a cool dood I remember when that kid was 12, and consuming knowledge. I was 15 or 16 on a landline. Man ppl it's called a TNI, not a beige box. Boxes are boxy but used for telecomunications acceesing. Like uh the spike box:X the red box(really known), blue box, white box, pizza box, etc etc. I used to have a 300 text file set of box schematics, that explained each. but as to "beiging" a tni is a telephone network interexchange or some whoozle, and the beige box is the one conecting to the tni's leads. red ring, green tip. match for polarity. Um, rj-11 sockets on most tnis now, cabs connect tnis to bigger cabs that go to your c.o. central office. The cabs carry telephone leads for every house, and in some cool cities rj-11 connections. cabs are those open up "cabinets" that your telco linesman fools with with a hat, a lines man handset(official telephony beiege box, most made by harris.). Bla bla, anyway the hex set for that screw next to the phillips or flat head one, that covers the bigger exchanges/relays is 8/16th's I believe. either way most any american tool set, allen wrench or not has socket sets, grab a hex sided socket(almost all are), and test it. the other size of hex is for the cabinets. Telcos were using orange double sided hex keys a few years ago, I bet they still do. they lock shit up. their bolt cutters go str8 through those locks:D As do most of your parents/friends cutters. Some real phreaks started using doubles to keep the ppl's rj-11 connectors connected so they'd just hear someone pickup, and could run off. Mostly west coasters. Some rain long lines of wire from the tni, and hid. When if ppl went to the tni, they'd already be gone:D Most cops still don't understand or know what telephony equipment is...which is sad...considering it resembles a phone, and phone equipment:D obvious. Anyway why the long post on boxing, and beiging? I think the UGN Security archive has info there if ppl need it, yet hardly anyone GOES THERE:D lucky just showed the orange box at h2k not to long ago, and it took the hell off. as with his writings in 2600. he's a cool dood, laid back, but yes like gizmo knows were all paranoid. but the op diverting text I think syntax listed lol that's WAY OLD. lol back when ppl frauded MCI. Just after AT&T. Well the info. Double op diverting to get a carrier to 3 party bill your number which could be gov, and gov area codes can't be billed lol. stuff like that. blue boxing used to be fun. trunk cease, dial other coutries. Back before a lot of ppls times, mechanical switching system tricks were fun. Confing before their were conf services. I remember being on my rotary talking up a storm, connecting other callers, who daisy chained to others. back when I had a 486 lol.

not even like 5-7 years ago ppl weren't afraid of all this, and to most of the scene this was known information, and shit it still is. Beiging, calling tricks. I used to watch companies for changes on their services, and lines just to watch exploits work again, or new ones, etc. Most everyone in giz/my circle, and the ones we knew, were paranoid, and loners in most cases. Even though we were open, and shared. few even now know lol. Yea all don't want to listen to old phreak stories:)

But I can say lots is still not known, lots never got over used, lots still works. Heh I know giz, and I both know quite a few tricks we'll probably pass onto are kids. If the telephony systems last that long:X....if...Maybe not. Also the shelf life of a exploit is dependant on many things. But I know some that are 10 years old, and still work, a couple cherry 12 year old secrets that are only known to a few ppl lol. Like someone already said here, seek, search, and ye shall receive. Ppl have become UBER lazy it seems. o god this is like my old postings lol I got excited:D giz I bet is all *EYES HURT* lol, everyone loves a long paragraph rant right?=P
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