Yeah, I've added myself to the DNC reg. a month ago, but the dumb-asses at the phone company say that "They have a three month period to comply." And they wont do diddly. So I filed a complaint with the FTC. btw, handy number to know 1 8 0 0 F T C H E L P. They seemed helpful but the guy I first talked to there seemed like Agent Smith in how he talked. I've tried finding out more nfo from the number. I've tracked the area-code to the Miami FLA area, I'm not sure on the prefix though, but that could be anywhere if they just use that number as a call-out. I think that the gov't, as much as I'd hate to say add new taxes, but should tax mass-telemarketers for their time on the phone systems. I swear, when we moved, we changed numbers and went unlisted. lotta friggen good that did. I only forgot the DNC reg.
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