*most alarms now dont run off the phone lines any more, un less the people didnt change there alarm*

SmackTalker I have no idea where you got that "idea" from. Lmao A Majority of the alarms today still dialout to their alarm company over their main landline. "change there alarm"? The only alarms I know of like you speak of are older alarms that don't dialout. I believe what BlackKnight is speaking of, is communicating to a alarm system over a landline. It's listening kthx, and sending. Just like CiD, and Lucky225 showed a nice example of that for a few years.

I back this up with my knowledge, the knowledge of my alarm system company, googling current alarm technology, and the stupor I'm in from reading that post. I will try my best though, guessing canada has satellite for their alarm systems? Expensive I'm guessing, or maybe ppl are to guess that a cell phone, or wifi? Heh source, and more info is nice.

But I don't need source for this, it's obvious. Unless Canada has some new breakthrough alarm system that goes off, and finds a cell phone to call the company to transmit a...bla bla bla...*waits*
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