[Sheep] BAAAAAH wait no that wasn't it. Ok I got 11 Nec cell phones. They are pretty old and bulky. Yet I got 2 NEC Digital Talk 200s... I like those. Yet we got some probs to solve. I got this goody package from ebay. I would like to learn to phreak with cell phones. (Maybe 1 day I would be l337 if they were all linux based LOL). So anyway, I got them on ebay. I know jack shit about them. I know about the location they are from, the phone number of the phone, and the zipcode. I know they are from AT&T. Here is the thing though, it either still has service but no where I live (it came from CA I am across the US). Some reason I think there is still service in the CA for it (phones actully may have been stolen, LOL no clue). I dialed 611 and see what i can pull of. I decided to talk with customer service. I want to wipe the phone of memory, i dont want the phone number anymore, that service plan, whatever. Had no clue, so they asked me name and social security... Ewwww... LOL stupid me goes Larry Johnson or something LOL. Ok Mr. Johnson she says your # is blah blah. I go yes ma'im it is. Now I need your last digits of social security, I was like I don't know... I don't have an account this was sold to me on an auction and I want to rid of it for it's account.... Why? Well I want to do somehting with it, clone it, phreak, whatever (if you can help me get free service etc on, that be gr8). So she was like can't help you, so just hung up. Errrr!!! Have no clue what to do. I try my calling cards, I got boxes of that shit and still nothing. I tried fuckin callin collect won't let me... Only 611. So what you guys think? Thanks a lot. I'll be chillin in my forum. [Sheep] [Cheers]
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