hey guys. i was wondering if someone could help me. i got 2 prank calls on my cell phone and i am pissed about them. they sounded like two young immature little kids laughing. they just really pissed me off. of course they must have used the *67 feature because the number came up as "private number". i was wondering if there is any way of findind out what the number is. the *69 feature doesnt work, and i tried calling my cell phone company, but it shows up as "private number" on their computers as well, and the prankers never left a voice mail either so that is out of the question. does anyone know any other way that i can prepare of this next time? like is there a way that i can have my phone connected to my computer/laptop and when they call, trace the call and find out the number and were they are calling from. i guess that is something similar to what police do but whatever.