ok well if i were to like to become a programmer for the military or some shit like that what all would i need to learn? i kno ill need to come pretty profecient with things like anti spyware and anti virus stuff, but i dont really know where to begin my great journey . i already know basic html and im learning xhtml and vb but i still when i google things i cant seem to find what i am searching for "ex. how to do anti spyware stuff and stuff like that" all i get is buy this program here and blah, blah, blah... but im not finding things like how to make anti anything and im not trying to say im smart by any means i do do well in school but it just bored me so its like i dont have a challange and when there is something out there that there is always someone who will find a different way to break into a comp that just facinates me. i dont want to hack myself only because i dont want to go to jail but i would like to make things that deal with anti hacking and such. the problem is i really have no idea where to start looking, i mean there and multipul millions of different websites to search through and i cant get to them all but i want to try this anti-hacking thing out, so could u maybee tell me a way where i can learn to anti-hack, anti-spyware, or anti-virus things so i can still get the semi joy of hacking w/o it being illegal?

PS i dont mind hacking in the least i just dont want to go to jail for doing it
I got banned by Gizmo because I just can't help but discuss illegal activities even after being told 40+ times that the discussion isn't wanted.