Pc_Phreak.....Just so you know...The only way to uncap new Cable modems is to do it from the server side. They cap it by the lines now. With old cable modems such as the Motorola surfboard modem. You were able to flash the firmware inside the modem with an edited version and get uncapped speeds.

Now, MicroUser. No there is no way to get DSL to your house free. Unless someone next to you has a wireless router hooked up to their dsl line and you can grab the signal.

You cannot do this because. Your line has to be setup for dsl provisioning is done by an independent company in most cases. Second, whatever company they provision you for, you have to have a username associated with that company. Third, not all but a lot of times a technician has to come out there to wire your line correctly from what they call at work "The Pedestal" to your NID or some call it your transfer box.

P.S. I work for tier 3 technical support for a very large ISP. So I'm not pulling this out of my ass.
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