ja, what a waste.

Here's why I stay. I don't expect undergroundnews to be only about tech topics. There's a frightening few amount of people I really respect here, but I still find the site as a whole to be of worth. I don't mind chat topics in general or off topic. That's what these two forums are for (there isn't really any difference IMHO). If I have a hardware question or linux related question, I post - and expect people to reply with relevent information - which they do. It's because people aren't asking the good questions that you don't see the good answers.

I'm not here for the info. I ask questions now-and-then, but that's not the main deal. I'm here to help other people with their questions - and to chat on a few chatty topics I see in general and off topic.

So everybody like predator who expects to sit back and learn from this site can go ahead and leave now. Ask questions and you will learn, answer questions and others will learn. People who sit back and don't say anything will NOT have fun here!

So really, I think down to the core of it, you left, predator, cause your best friends are gone. The content of the site has changed very little in all the time I've been here. There's still newbie questions, there's still lame questions, people still get flamed, Gizmo and Crime are the tyrants that replace the Optix and IceDog - the only difference is Gizmo's better people skills and crime's sense of humor, heh, and people do still complain. And there's still good questions, and there's still chatty questions - like there always was. Sure now we have more smiley's - but really, that is nothing.

So time passes, people come, people go, and nothing changes but the scenery. But I will miss you, and regret that you never really got back into the scene since Optix and IceDog left.

This is a new Age, and da RAGE LIVES ON!!!
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