How's it going everyone. This is my first post, so I hope its a good one. I remember the days when you could listen to someone speaking on their mobile phones using a scanner, back before everything went digital. I thought What if it is possible to eavesdrop on digital mobile phones. Well In my search for the answer, I came across an article saying that in china a new device had come on the market called a detectaphone. Basically you put someones mobile number in there, when they recieve or make a call, it gets recorded in this device so you can listen to it. The article said that the reporter tested it and it worked for him, but because of panic they went underground selling this thing, they said there were a few websites selling the thing, but I've done an exhaustive search and found nothing, just wondering if anyone knew anything more about them, or where to purchase one from. Or if there is another way of listening to other peoples phone calls made from a landline or mobile.
dig as for hidden treasure, and you will find.