I dont because I've been in that situation. I had a 25 year old guy take my virginity and convinced me that it was ok for him to be fucking 15-16 year old girls who are in bad situations. He warped my mind to the point where I thought it was ok for him to hit me around. As an adult he took advantage of how naive I was and the fact that things at home were not going so good (growing up with parent who thing ur a drugie and an alcoholic is not fun). If Gizzy hadnt come back into my life there's a good chance Joe would have completely taken over my life. Mary Kay is a child molester. She had no right to sleep with a 6th grader and she has no right to marry him now. Just because he is 22 does not make it right.

What if your son was molested by a 30 some odd old women and then never had any experiance with any other women and then decied when he became an adult that he's going to marry the women how abused him? How would you feel then?

I would not want that of my child. Children who are moslested deserve to know something more about love and sex then just the person who molested them.
*Hell hath no fury like a womens anger and damn be the fool who gets in her way*

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