iv watched all 4 films.

batman begins redeeming qualities lie with michael caine, morgan freeman and liam nielson.
batman himself looked somewhat ugly for bruce wayne, but i spose they needed to have an unknown for a fresh outlook on the batman series. i also looked forward to katie holmes *drool* performance, but for a supposed leading role lady she had almost a cameo! and yes i admit, i thought id see some titties :p *sigh*

mr and mrs smith (as wev been discussing in the \'The best hacking film\' thread in the general forum) was an awesome film with kickarse oneliners and yes, we got to see angelina jolie in that black semi-bondage outfit...
but alas, again... no titties

bewitched, starring nichole kidmann (an overrated australian actress whose treated almost like a god down here) and will farrel was ok, i spose. if youre into that jim carey sort of humor. i liked the soundtrack and it tried to stick closely to the 1970/80's sitcom on which it was based. but to my great distress, although we got to see her titties in 'eyes wide shut'... we were denied this right as avid movie-goers...

as for herbie fully loaded... wtf wants to see lindsay lohans mosquito bites anyway?!?

.... me.
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