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Fucking men!!! Who really gives a fuck, sintax? Standing in line for anything for 7 fucking weeks is fucking retarded. Newsflash, you can wait and rent the fucking movie for 4 bucks when it comes out on video, and you'll only have to fight with the other retards in your town to get a copy. Believe it or not, you WILL live that long, besides...secret or not secret they all blow anyways.


the truth hurts.
I would never wait 7 weeks for a movie. I have bills to pay, porn to look at, crak to smoke, you know... Stuff to do. However, these guys are just sitting there to say they were the first. People have done much worse to have a title. Just look at ripley's belive it or not.

As far as the movies sucking... I rather enjoy the star wars saga. It is a good verses evil world to get lost in. I do however realise when the credits roll the movie is over. Bish however will still be on her knees sucking my light saber. So what really sucks here.

/me catches bish by the hair and gives her a movie ticket. See you inside
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