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So what are they sopposed to do then when people have electronic tickets. Any person who knows ur name could go up to the countr and say they're you and have the flight changed and everything and you would be none the wiser until you go to the airport and check in. As long as someone says they're you they could grab your rental car, use your airline ticket, use ur bus ticket.

How would you feel if you were trying to go to defcon and had an electronic ticket and you show up at the airport to findout someone changed the date on you ticket and went down to vegas on ur bill?

There is a reason why airports, bus terminals, and hotels id you. It's so crooks cant steal what you've paid for and they can make sure they're giving their services to the right person. It's the same reason why ur sopposed to get carded everytime u use ur credit card. It's helps prevent theft and lawsuits. Unless you want people to take ur word that ur name is Marcus Donavan and my name is Serena O'Neil.
If the reasons you stated are correct... Why I ask you is the law requiring these things not available for the public to see? Did you read the full story? The department of transportation first denied this law even existed because the law itself is hidden behind a cloak of national security.

In other words if you see the law requireing yo to present an ID at the airport it could comprimise national security. And this isn't the only law. And add to that, this guy had a paper ticket to fly inside the US.

Read the full article. There ar a total of 16 different areas where laws can not be viewed like this now after 911. So we are to obey a federal law we are never allowed to see? That sounds a bit like animal farm to me.
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