I read the full article. There's lots of places were there's a rule or law that the gernal public cant see but they have to abide by it. Such as with cell phone companies and their company policies. You dont know how many times I was asked while working for Verizon that the customer wanted a list of the company polices mailed to them. But could I do that? No I couldnt because Verizon didnt want that paper to get in the hands of their competition.

I know people want to physically see the law but just because you cant doesnt make it wrong. I feel more safe being asked for my ID then when I dont. I actually get kind of pissed when store dont card me when I'm buying alcohol and especially pissed when they dont card Gizmo when he's cashing checks at the bank.

I dont like the thought of people just taking our words that we are who we are. We no longer live a world where it's safe to do that. I would rather be safe then sorry when it comes to my id and national security especially since not all terrorists are that smart and use their real id's.
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