Tell me an open source game that is as good as all the big commercial ones.

There aren't any. That's why all the big games overshadow the lame open source ones.
Not true Perg. Even without flashy graphics, Escape Velocity was such a popular game (could even be called a "cult classic") that even when they started charging a shareware fee (after a free trial, of course), they were able to make enough money to start a company around the game. (ever hear of Ambrosia Software ?). Now, two sequels later, the game has become so popular that there's even an Escape Velocity: Nova card game ! How many "big commercial games" have that? not many! :p

Natural Selection (the extremely popular half-life mod) is also starting to gain recognition as an open-source mod, and has even caught the attention of several publishers - the next generation natural selection will utilize HL2's Source engine and will be released in stores.

Open source programmers are the ones who really care what gamers think - they do this purely out of love for their creations. There are no monetary motives. That's why I feel they deserve to at least have a thread acknowledging their accomplishments. And always remember: even big companies like EA have to start somewhere.
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