1c3, first of all by sayin "GOD why cant gaming industries realize that XBox has more online users then PS2. Make the game for XBox Damit" you made your self sound like an idiot. First of all, FFX-2 will not be an online game so your comment was completely irrelevant to the topic. Second of all, the FF series belongs to Squaresoft ( well, now it belongs to both Squaresoft and Enix since the merged) and they are a Japanese company who could care less if Xbox Live is doin better in the US because believe me, its not doin better than Sony Online is doin in japan.

to you Gizy, i doubt Squaresoft will ever develop a game for the Xbox, but its finally showin Nintendo some love again. There is another FF (whos name and cant remember at the moment) in the works for the GC and it looks pretty sweet. I just cant wait what they will pump out now that the two greatest RPG makers have merged.
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