MG was a piece of shit and I hated it.

I played Splinter Cell yesterday and it kicked ass. It was like a mix of MG and Hitman 2 with extra stuff that rules. It is hard as hell sometimes though. Like when you are taking turns, and then when you are out of the room your friend decides that he will skip a room that may or may not have something important to the mission in it, or decides to use all the ammo and medkits, then lose half your health.

It is alot more fun to sneak up on people and take them hostage than it is to just shoot them. We did notice that sometimes it takes as many as 4 head shots to kill some people while the guy next to him died with 1 headshot. Yeah, headshot.

I like how he carries the bodies instead of dragging them (cough hitman).

We got stuck in Defense Ministry with no ammo, barely any health, and a Colonel with a gun (an empty gun) to his head. There is this camera you have to get past to get to these doors to the glass elevator so you can laser-mic it. The camera is easy to get past. But, when you touch the door an alarm is set off and a body is found even if you hid all 7 bodies in the freezer. I was at a friends house, so i won't get to play that part for a long time. So, I am curious, do you just have to get really close to the door without touching it and then use th laser mic? Or hide the bodies in a better place? (we tried alot of places and wasted over an hour on this) Or is something just fucking up?

It is a great game, but I don't know if I could put myself through that much again. Though, it would be alot more fun if I could play it with a gun with ammo and a little more health. When I get an XBOX, i wanna buy Halo 2 and Panzer Dragoon: Orta.