If you dont have a system then this is the order that you should buy them in.
1. PS2
2. GC

I agree, the XBOX IS the best system, but the system doesnt sell itself, the games do. The only reason why this list should change for anyone is if you are buyin a system for sport games. then you would get an XBOX first. For the longest time i used to hate the XBOX b/c of the amount of shitty games that it kept pumpin out and their lack of good games (in the summer there was only Halo and DOA 3). But lately it has gotten better and its finally seein some good games. And with Microsoft buyin Rare and all, you can only expect some good games to come out in the future.
And Giz, im afrade you are wrong. not every game that comes out will come out for other systems. /me points above about Rare. They are the ones that made Golden eye and Perffect Dark for the N64, 2 of the greatest games ever made. so when they pump out another great game, you can be sure it will be an XBOX exclusive. Other games that look great so far that are XBOX exclusives are Ninja Gaiden, Fable, Brute Force and Kung Fu Chaos to name a few.
well, thats enough form me now. ill come in again when someone tries to answer with a stupid coment.
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