I'm adding this little bit of fun for our UGN Security members. I'm going to be the orchestrator of this tournament, and will reside over all games that are played to verify wins between UGN Security members.

I've setup a page on my website to provide ranking statistics and information on upcoming games. If you wish to watch a game, let me know, and I'll give you further details.

(redirect to: http://serialcoders.sytes.net/UCC/ )

I need to know all the chess players of UGN Security who is willing to participate. I have written a chess program that may be used by windows and linux WINE users to play the game over the internet. If that is not an option, we may choose to join a Yahoo Games! chess table or something to play the game. Time and date and the means will be negotiated by me with the people playing in a given game.

A chess match between 2 players involves playing 2 games where each player plays white then black. The winner of both games is the match winner. If both players win once, then it is a tie. They can either leave it as a tie, or play 2 more games etc until a match winner is determined. If only one game was played, and one of the players do not choose to play another game, then they forfeit the balancing game resulting in at best, a tie.

The ladder ranking of players is determined by me. Just because a person has the most match wins doesn't make them the best player, and so, I'll rank them according to my best judgement.
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