Well it seems something usefull has finally come out of the PSO v2 hack. For those of you just tuning in, this was a hack devised a few months ago which would allow you to hook your gamecube to your PC and stream very limited amounts of data (about 4MB to the GC's RAM) via the broadband adapter and an exploit for PSOv2. Over time, an improved version that could load 14MB of data came out and homebrewers starting making rudimentary games/tech demos.

Fast foward to today. Eurasia has released a loader which takes further advantage of the PSO hack to the extent that Animal Crossing can now be played flawlessly. Other games support the same loader but with minor errors (FMV skips, loading times ranging from non-existent in some games, to 2+ minutes long in others).

Within a few months you'll be seeing modchips that will allow you to play the games hassle free,

A new beta of the loader was released, it now STREAMS other games from pc to bba aswell, currently 100% supported is luigi and animal crossing, luigi gives you longer loading times, but runs fine.

Other Games are partly supported but have errors!

So much for not being able to warez GC Games,

The fallowing GC games have been released by warez groups:









I will be updating this thread with links to software and all other files allowed here at UGN Security, new software is being developed daily.
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