Thanx Gizmo, I know the rules,

Judging from pergus's post I have to clerify what this is.
An exploit in PSO 2 for the gamecube allows you to send data into the gamecubes ram, theres no emulation anywhere.
People can now download warez copies of GC games from the net, then connecting the GC to the computer allows the Gamecube to play a game off the pc's harddrive instead of the optical drive in the gamecube.

So in turn allows you to play GC games on your gamecube the exact same as if the actual game was in the GC. And since data is read off of the pc's harddrive instead of the GC's optical drive the load times will be much shorter once the bugs are worked out of the programs.

Oh, and you can still save your games to the GC's memory card etc. once the game is started theres no difference in any way than if the actual game was in the gamecube, except faster load times.

Heh, this doesn't void the gamecubes warranty...
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