I found the thread via Google. I was looking at the last post by Chem since it seemed that only his posts mattered in this thread. I was updating with the information I had and that this thread lacked. I didn't recall seeing multiple threads based on this same topic so I figured posting to this thread might give some appreciated information.

I apologise for my assumption that just because this thread wasn't posted to regularly didn't mean it was an unpopular subject for the users here, hence why I believed that the lack of more frequent posts indicated a lack of knowledge of 'current times'.

I meant no disrespect, though something did happen in a full year...the other 27 posts between the first post and my own. I hope that you were just having a bad day and didn't mean to lash out, dude. And if you were having a bad day, I'm sympathetic and I hope it turned out okay.

But don't worry, the next time I feel like contributing anything, I'll take it elsewhere.