I got a ps2 a few months ago, and i'd definetly choose ps2 over the rest, ive had experience with all of the consoles and ps2 comes out on top. Xbox just about ready to crash and burn, they are selling there console for less then what it takes to produce them and hoping that they can make the profit in the game selling point of view, but as CK said, there arent enough good games. Gamecube and PS2 is leading the market but PS2 is slightly ahead.

+ Realy neat handle on back
+ Small as memory cards, but still hold a bit
+ Add-on ports
+ Reasonable amount of games for it
+ good size
+ 4 controller ports (fucking awsome)
+ getting support for big game developers like SquareSoft
- Cant play music Cd's
- Cant play DVD'd
- Cant play N64 games
- Most game are a bit cartoony
- Controller sucks absolute shit

+ Has its own programming language (YaBASIC) Can make your own games and progs.
+ Backwards compatible with DualShock controllers and PSX games
+ Can use linux
+ Huge selection of games
+ Good size
+ Add-on ports
+ USB ports (endless uses, plugging in Keyboards, Mice, Computers, imahinations the limit)
+ Can stand verticaly
+ Optical sound out port
+ Plays DVD's
+ Plays Music CD's
+ Options Menu's for customisation
- Only 2 Controller Ports
- Can be a little noisy
- A bit Heavy