i am throing out my other idea of building a pc with the parts i originaly listed. now i have made 1000$ to spend on this rig what i need from u readers is help on makeing a list checking it twice. imean everything ineed all the parts from cpu to ram to monitor to mouse and key board. just give me a price for each part adn where to get it . why i should use it in my ultimate rige and if it is afordable. what i have in mind is a amd processor at least a 3200+ 512 or more ram 120 gb hd and a 17in monitor every thing else is up to you readers when we are done geting all the parts listed and the cost under 1000 i will buy all the parts build this rig. i will take picures of it and show what we have made then i will preforme the ultimate benchmarks. so lets get to work

ps i also need help to find a cheap windows xp pro vender less than 200$