Yeh I know that the games sound kinda dumb, but they are actually quite fun...

See, if any of you have played DopeWars, PimpWars, DrugWars, etc. You've played this type of game before. Only difference is, as opposed to just dealing/pimping/making drugs/beating people down, these games combine them all..

Gang-Wars is a FREE service, for all you lackeys who wish to cause a little mischief without doing anything illegal. For those who like the game and donate $5 to them you get access to L33t-Wars.

The difference in the two is that in Gang-Wars you get 4 turns every 5 minutes, and in L33t-Wars you get 50.

Both are quite fun to play and I know that a few of you have played them.

Since the Deathskitchn gang isn't yet up for this new round (just started on the 1st i believe) UGN Security has made our own gang.

To join the UGN Security gang, in your gangwars or l33twars account click on gangs, type UGN Security on the "join gang" section, and click the join button. We will check the gangs page every day or so and let whoever wants to join in.

When the gang is full and we're still getting applications (if that happenes) we will keep the most active and productive in the gang.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them after this and I will answer anything that I can to the best of my knowledge.

Thank you for your time,

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