Well heres my little review on the game lol = )
I have a level 30 Assasin.

1) This game is about 2 things and 2 things only.
Adena (Money) and Leveling

It truly gets a little boaring when ur 28+... U have to keep killing and killing and killing and killing (U get my point)

If u dont have at least a 900k weopen by level 25, ur not geting to far

2) The quests are not that bad... A lot of walking around

3) There are a lot of Asian hardcore players that try to ruin it for the rest of use

they come and take over a place and say something like "YOU go pk pk pk you go" and then they harrass u.

4) There are a lot of Bots (Char controlled by programs to Farm (Collect a lot of money) With out any breaks. They KS (Kill Steal) and loot ur stuff if u go near there area.

5) The PVP Karma system (The good/evil thing) is MESSED UP. U pk someone and u go red. When ur red, anybody can attack u and get no punishment....

No point of going red (and u have a better chance droping ur item when ur red)

6) The game still has tons of exploits all used by the chineese

7) NCSoft does not want to ban the chineese of the NA (North American) Servers for some reason.

The Chineese have more servers then use and still come to ours

8) Theres a lot of Adena (Money) Being sold on Ebay. So newbs are walking around with 1Million + Weopens.

If ur gonna get the game wait till Chroncile 1 comes out

Its the patch that will introduce more items.. more quests.. Finally have Castle Sieges, will fix the pvp system and will hopefully fix all the exploits and all the bots.

If u like MASS Carnage and u dont mind loosing ur items when u die and love pking other poeple.. this game will be good for u

If u just like leveling and get to the highest level as possible, Dont bother (U will be targeted by clans etc for pking if ur hight level cause u might drop a good item)

Well theres my little review

heh dood more info on it! lol I may have a system soon that can handle it:/ I need some new way to have fun/take out aggression every couple days to every week or so.:|
U gonna have to play WAY more then couple of weeks and days..

Remeber.. Char from Beta did not get Whiped... So theres basically 2 levels

The so so Newbs (20 +)
And the Pros (30+)

Theres no complete newbs there (There is some) but not a lot so the economy is a little fucked at the moment. Low leve items (USLESS) Low level quests (USLESS) etc...
Good artists copy, great artists