Yes it cost 49.99 to get the game (U get a free month) Then it costs 15.99 a month.

The graphics are much better then realm and its a little but more fun.

If u want to check some screanshots go here

U got 4 Classes

Dark Elfs, Humans, Elfs, Orcs

Then in the Begining u can go either Fighter or Caster.

From there at level 20 u can change ur Occupation. (theres couple for every class)

When i hit 20.. i did the Assasin Quest and became a Assasin (Dagger User) When i hit 40 i will become the Abyss Runner (CRAZY damage with the dagger)

U can have Archers, Healers, Assasins, Dark Wizards, Wizards, Knights, theres couple more..

Its fun but takes a lot of ur time if u wanna actually become strong.


BTW, its pretty much all cookie cutted char.
All the Str.. Dex.. Int.. all that is put atomatically when u level.. so u dont have smarter char.. stronger char.. it all depends on ur ITEMS (remember how i said MONEY is everything in that game). You get to pick ur skills but there isnt a LOT of skills to learn

U can learn every skill ur char has by level 60.. highest u can go is 70 know... I dont think anyone in the North American server is even close..

I know some Asians on the asians servers are close..
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