LoL, if I commited myself to get lvl 70 I would:D Maybe within the first 10 or whatever to do it. I'm a game master man:D I just know the lower rung to higher. I don't do that though. I go slow, help thousands of people, and have fun. That's what a game is about to me. Um so it's 2 like Realm? Not REAL 3d like everquest? Just thinking, even now 5 years later EQ is still less in cost for the base 4-5-6 packages(all comes in a kit to get you up to um.. LoY or PoP I believe. Then you have like one or two packages left to get or some bull crap. Maybe it's all 4, up to luclin then 2-3 to buy. But either way, the last 2-3 are for HIGH ass level good skill players. Killing gods, and giants/other shit massive hard quests where you need 2+ people a lot of times 10+.

Either way 15.99 per month I think it's 12.99 on eq, and wow dood. If that's like just a little over realm. Their moving slow with it, their not making ppl happy with the chinese/other player shit, and not fixing crap. Then chargine you alot...:| hmm...yea.

I dunno. I may just play UT2k4, EQ(rarely), and TxO, formerly TMO(the matrix online, again rarely). Once I get a laptop/job.

Kthx VERY MUCH brother for the massive massive dose of info <3
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