I know I may be bringing up a long dead thread but Lineage 2 Rocks now that C1 came out. I am personaly a level 44 Spellhouler (Over powered Dark Elf Mage) Now that NCsoft finaly got off their ass and did something the game is great. You should check it out. If you do get the game let me know also make your account on server 2 (sieghardt) they changed the graphics on the armor and weapons they added new stuff its great. Also they expanded the level cap to 75 one of my good friends is level 64.82 so wer pretty close now to the level cap. about the adena farmers 99% of them are out for good and the exploits are close to none existant. so its REALLY worth the monthly fee. by the way check out the new screenshots on the site http://www.lineage2.com if you have any questions let me know
By the one and only ACE