I've been an avid gamer 4 life! Own a SonyMD player, so i already have the USB cable, Sadly PSP is not 'sync' able with Sonys SonicStage software.

Lucky my state_tax refund came $150 :-( so I picked up a 512mb card 90$

my commute to work consist of Bus & Rail so i would prefer to listen to more than just music.

i have been saving up for the system since it's conception $5 here $10 there anyone can do it even on a fixed budget.

great system but some of the Value pack add in
are not worth it
remote-controlled headphones (flimsy n cheap)
soft carrying case(should be hard )
memory card (64mb would have suffice)
Programming it is like sex anyone can do it but only a few of us will ever master it and satisfy all parties envoled :-)