yes, thats right, it was bound to happen sooner or later, i have yet to hear that anyone has install this and it works

so at least check it out:

heres the run down for the lazy people,

Product Features:

- 29 Wires
- All Backups / Import Originals
- Boots games from ALL release groups - not just some of them
- All online gaming possibilities tested with no spy issues
- CDR/CDRWDVDR/DVDRW (However DVD media should be used for best results)
- Can use any cheap unbranded general purpose DVDR media
- Works on all models from all regions (including the different kernel versions)
- All wiring points are VERY easy - no IC's to solder to - all presoldered pads.
- Modified XBE's and custom code can boot (This is a HUGE feature - as you'll all see soon)
- Macrovision Disabled (May not be included on the first release - to be confirmed)
- DVD Reset Enabled (Use multiple DVD Playback Kits for Multiregion Enhancement)

Package Contents:

Enigmah Brand Xboxchip
and the grand total will run your lazy ass about $70 (us) with a $7 shipping charge(depends what shipping method you chose)

you can see installation diagram pics here:

and a pic of the chip without a board here: