the thing that sucks most about the GameCube is the controller. I tried to play super smash brother on it and could barly play the game due to the controller. on the n64 version of the game i beat the damn thing.

once upon a time i used to hate PS1's and PS'2. reasoning was the controller. i was so used to the x-box controller (my dad just had to get one, don't ask why because i'm ashamed of him for his part in the creation of the evil machine) and the n64 controller (the first game system my father let me and my brother have after i broke my atari when i was 4 to get even with my older brother. yes i'm evil.) now i love my playstations. i can play dvd's on them with out having to buy the remote like you do for the x-box, play PS1 games on the PS'2, and the controller fits perfectly in my hands. took me a while to get used to the square, triangle, circle, and x . thank nintendo for that one (a,b,c,d and what ever letter buttons)

if i were to buy a gamecube it would just be for zelda and that's it. the x-box i don't even play on anymore cause the only game i like to play one it (BloodRain) doesn't work...
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