Salton Sea, loved it. Totally underrated and Val Kilmer did a good job as always.

Fight Club was great also. Great casting and editing. I read all of Chuck's books now and they all hopefully get adapted to screen. Ditto w/ Bret Easton Ellis [American Psycho, Glamourama (In Production?), Rules of Attraction].

Alice In Wonderland I would also agree on. Moreso the live action version though.

Necronomicon is pretty good, if that is the Lovecraft one. I liked In THe Mouth of Madness too.

Beyond Reanimator, I just watched Fleshwound's DVD of it. Covered some weird things I haven't seen in any movies before. I love the DVD extra music video too.

Here is the IMDB link to Attic Expeditions (which stars Jeffrey Combs from Re-Animator and an amazing performance by Seth Green of all ppl)

StarGate is a pretty good movie also. Haven't seen any of the others you listed though.