i am in the same boat as Gizmo
No XBox live. Its fucken expensive as shit $80 Canadian with Tax etc... and the only game i have for online is Unreal, the others are
Hitman 2
Brute Force (Sweet as game)
Splinter Cell
those 2 games u get free when u buy the consol.

Plus, you only get a year free, then you start paying.
Unreal Chanpionship sucks ass on Xbox live because its lagy as FUCK. I also played Mechassualt, that was decent but still a little lagy.

Know a game that is FUN as hell, i mean really fun is Wolfenstien (prb spelled wrong) but its fun. My best friend has live and that game, man is it fun. If you liked CS, you would prb like this, its like Day of Defeat sorta.

Thats my 0.00002 cents on the subject = )
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