Well, another great guy leaving.

I checked back on this site today just on a whim, but now I see Predator leaving. Back about 3 years or so, I used to chill at this board a lot (I had like 300 posts man!) until I pissed Optix off and he deleted my account (gee thanks!)

I guess it was then that I realized that when the Op is a lamer, *damn* look at the crew.

Most of the people here are lamers. Most of the people that frequent "underground" sites on the web are lamers.

Predator, or any of you for that matter, if you are suprised that there are lamers flooding your boards, you must be idiots. I certainly was. The only place you're going to learn more is through books and the occasional question on IRC or a good, solid, ON TOPIC forum. Otherwise, forget it.

I think I'll post a bit more here, and if I don't see any of the intelligent fervor I saw years back when UGN Security had that kickass K-Base that you DID NOT HAVE TO SEARCH that had DIRECTORIES!! (IMPORTANT!!) then I'll just quietly slip away again...

Oh well. Another board lost. I'll bet RRFN is next.