The joy of roms and game emulators. You can play Super Mario without owning a working Nintendo right from in front of your computer. The only downside is that by law if you don't own the cartrige for the game you must delet it off your computer within 24 hours. It's like a trial period for the game but well worth it for the younger generations.

Once upon a time all the Super Mario games made in the late 80's early 90's were top of the line. Look at their awsome graphics but now we have new games for our PS2's, X-Box's, and GameCubes. For crying out loud the N64 is starting to collect dust just like the old Sega's Nintendo's and yes mine and those older than me one of the first gameing consoles ever the Natari.

People have begun to for get about such awsome Super Nintendo games such as Donky Kong Country, Castlvania, Yoshi.

Why go high tech when you can play with classics that are still just as good. Why give then up even though they don't look life like.

I'll admit it I do love the newer games, Halo, Final Fantasy X, and Gothem Project Racing (the only car game I am good at). But you have to admit all of the old games were fun when we were youngin's and they still are today.

Some good places to go to for roms and the emulators to play them are:
Free Roms

Cherry Roms

Don't knock'em till ya try 'em!!
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