Well we would need to have a registration for this so for registering i think that anyone who wanted to opt in, would email registration information to people arranging the registration. They would send such information such as when they are availible to play and their skill level. After a certain ammount of people register, we would put a tournament ladder up a few weeks ahead of time (so any changes that were neccesary could be made), of when the matches are, who is involved in them. We would try to match up skill levels up just for the sake of more interesting games, instead of a completely one sided one. This could all probably be carried out within a month. I dont know anything about that software, but if its anything like yahoo that has many seats per game it would make the job much easier. This is definatly going to need a ton of people. I dont know how easy it would be to get 1000-2000 people to register, thats my biggest concern. I think that a goal of 500 would be a tad more realistic, not to mention more manageable, but if you can get 1000-2000 im all for it.
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