OK. Checked out some stuff. It all seems data around early 2000. I did find a tutorial by Mikkkeee, however, I question its' age b/c I believe he is at ISW and not BSRF anymore, and it is a BSRF tutorial. Anyways, here is the link -> LINK . Hopefully that helps.

Be sure to check out the website yourself. if the tutorial doesn't work and this is a big deal to you, you may have to invest sometime. Often with these security applications, the website will give clues to circumventing it if you read through the document and knowledgebase. Also, check for patches, hotfixes, etc. These will be sources of info that can tell you default settings/passwords, file locations, holes that need to be fixed (hopefully your admin doesn't stay current ), etc.

Note: Checking http://www.rm.com , it seems the latest version is 2.4. This tutorial covers upto 2.3. So if you do have the absolute latest version, it may not work. BTW, this isn't a tool, you will have to perform this yourself.

For future reference, threads like this always help by including the software, maker, version, website, and any old tutorials/programs you were using to hack it. This allows the good ppl here @ UGN to easily start helping you, rather than looking up all the information that you already know and could have supplied. Not a flame, just a friendly reminder from your local moderator. KTNX