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Well so far there has already been a hole that was found and exploited in SP2.

Also, the "anti-virus" option of the security center sucks bad. I have had a few service calls relating to ppl that have the warning popping up about windows failure to communicate with your antivirus. I know some of them were using like Norton 2003 which is pretty damn popular.

Also, just to mention Dell. Yesterday a lady let me know that they needed help b/c evidently Dell tech support told her that the failure to communicate message meant they already had a virus on their brand new Dell and unfortunately they cannot support that.

Shitty companies and shitty service.
Anti-Virus: I'm running Norton Corporate and it told me that it couldn't communicate... at least they already allowed me to disable the messages.

Dell: Yeh man, they moved most of their support over seas; it used to be handled by Solectron in Las Vegas but was cheaper to move to india. I have a dell laptop, the dotheads fuckin lost it int heir system, when i called to find out what the holdup was (two months without my laptop due to this) they said that it had already been delivered and where giving me the routing number of the box they sent me to mail the laptop to them in.... Fucking idiots...
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