Recently my school did a "SECURITY UPGRADE" to all their computers. Now you have to actually log in at the Novell Client Logon Screen with your login and password and you don't actualy get to windows but you get a School Magix Screen with a selection of a few programs they decided to let you have. [School Magix is a program used to keep bad little hackers in control by not going into windows when you log in but running on top of everything else]

Now this wouldn't really matter to me that much except that "Intro To Buisness Applications" is not an exciting class and I can't get to Window's most precious treasure, Solitaire. I had to figure out a way to do it.

I knew that it had to be done at the Novell Logon screen before School Magix was loaded. I rebooted my computer and stared at the logon screen. Somethin in the back of my head was going "YOU ****ING MORON! THIS IS SO EASY!" Then it hit me, in about 30 seconds I had hacked into Netware, opened File Manager, found the School Magix Setup Program and given myself Administrative access and was able to add all the program I wanted to my School Magix selection. How did I do it? I'll let you know in a day or so. I wanna see if anyone else figure this out. and remember, i did it in bout 30 seconds so there was no password guessing or anythin like that nor did I use a program or any other kind of file or info. First one to get it right get's a rubber chicken.

Maybe this'll take ur attention from the porn for a few minutes and get you thinkin.